Coronavirus Response

For the past two months, we have cancelled all in-person programs and offered virtual worship services instead. Starting Sunday May 31st, the plan is to gradually restart our in-person church services.

We know some of you are ready to come running back to church, while others of you are not ready to come back for a while. Either way, that’s okay! We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to make sure we do not spread any germs. To do that, church is going to look a little different than before while we learn together how to come together safely.

Here are a few ways we are helping you to stay safe and to help others feel safe:

Touchless Service.

You will be able to walk in, take a seat, and exit without ever needing to touch anything or anyone. Yes, this means no handshakes or hugs - but trust us, it’s for the best! We will not be using programs or songbooks and instead of passing offering plates, we’ll have a station where you can drop off your offering on your way in or out of the chapel.

Masks are welcome, but not required.

We’re not going to force you to wear a mask, but by all means, feel free to bring your own!

Keeping the distance.

First of all, we’re providing two separate times you can come each Sunday. 9:30 and 11:00. This will help it be easier for us to spread out. We’ve also labeled some areas where you can sit with your family in the chapel while maintaining a safe distance from others. Also, we’re moving lobby time to the outdoors! We know how valuable that lobby time is to talk and catch up with others, so we encourage you to take those conversations outside the building where it is easier to keep a safe distance.

One last thing. We’re not reopening church, we’re reopening our church building. Church was never closed. God can still work in and through his people. A virus or social distancing cannot stop our God! And if you’re not ready to come back to our building, we invite you to keep watching our live services online, which we will continue from now on.

Peace be with you,

Tampa Salvation Army Church Ministry Team