Fall Programs Information Letter

We wanted to let you know about all the opportunities coming up!


Who: ages 0 up through 5th grade

When: Sunday Mornings during the 11am service.

Starting September 1, 2019: Please bring your child ahead of time to the 11am service and head to the kids check in area. Your child will encounter God through games, videos, large group learning, and small group interactives!

FUSE Youth and Arts

Who: ages 0 up through 12th Grade

When: Wednesday Nights from 6:15-7:45, with an optional meal at 5:45

FUSE is the name of our regular Wednesday night school of music and arts including brass instrument instruction, creative arts, children’s choir (singing company) and more. Starting Aug. 28th.

Wednesday Night Adult Groups

Who: Adults

When: Wednesday Nights from 6:15-7:45, with an optional meal at 5:45

We will offer multiple options for adults on Wednesday nights including Spanish Home League, and Adult Bible Study, and more. (Stay tuned for more!) Starting Aug. 28th.

Tuesday Morning Meetings

Who: Adults ages 50+

When: Tuesdays at 10am

August 27th at 10 am begins our Tuesday morning meetings. The morning home league is transitioning to a new seniors group (50+) that will include men. We are excited to start this new venture in ministry open to all seniors of our church community.

Youth Night

Who: Students Grades 6th—12th

When: Sundays at 5:30pm (meal included)

Starting Aug 25th, Any middle or high school student is welcome to join us for dinner, games, and relevant teaching for their age group.

Corps Cadets

Corps Cadets schedule will be determined soon.

What’s with all the changes?

If you’ve been here since last year or before, you know that we are making some changes that will affect certain groups and individuals. Here are some frequently asked questions to help explain why we are so excited about this!

What about Character Building?

One of the most significant changes will be moving from two nights of weeknight programs to one. This means we will no longer have our character building programs on Tuesday nights, but we hope this allows us to make the programs we offer on Wednesdays and Sundays even stronger. We believe we have great opportunities for discipleship and outreach between our new and improved Sunday morning experience (SA Kids), our Sunday night Youth Nights (specifically for our middle school and high school students), and our Wednesday night arts programs offering a wide range of creative outlets. While our new schedule may not include all of the traditions that come with the classic character building programs, our team has worked hard to make sure the needs of our community are being met in a healthy way.

What about Sunday School?

We have three adult Sunday school options that will continue to take place at 9:45-10:45am as usual. There will be no Sunday school for children during that time since their program will be taking place during the service at 11:00am. Students grades 6th through 12th are encouraged to come to the youth nights that will be happening Sunday evenings. We understand that this presents a challenge if you attend Sunday school and have children. Please let us know if this is your situation and we can work something out!

Why all the changes?

We understand that changes can be difficult—especially if that means something no longer works for your schedule or if things look different than what you’re used to. We promise that all these changes are made with the best of intentions. Ultimately we want to be a welcoming church, making sure that all our programs operate with the guest in mind. We exist for the Tampa Community and we hope that you will join and support us in that mission to reach our neighbors! If you want to hear more details about why we’re doing what we’re doing, visit TampaSA.org/vision where you can watch the full presentation that was made back in May.